About us


Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol is a French non-profit pre-kindergarten, recognized for over 45 years by the Île-Bizard/Sainte-Geneviève borough. It is managed by volunteer parents elected yearly by parents with children enrolled in the pre-school.

Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol is a meeting place for children aged 3 to 5. It provides them with a rich, stimulating and friendly environment whereby they can integrate into a greater society outside of their own family. Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol provides each child with a stimulating learning environment that leads to the discovery of new social and group dynamics skills in preparation for their entry into the primary school system.

Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol also offers a place where parents can familiarize themselves with the school environment. They can meet other parents, share ideas and concerns and acquire new tools towards the development of their child.


Having adopted the “learn-through-play” philosophy, the teachers use various tools such as games and plays to introduce the basic concepts of reading, writing and mathematics. By offering a variety of activities, the children have the opportunity to make choices while gaining self-confidence skills and aptitudes. Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol promotes self-respect, respect of others and the environment and the development of autonomy and perseverance.

Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol offers a French-speaking environment whereby both teachers and other children are ready to assist the child that may not speak or understand French. Teachers will focus on providing an environment where all the children will be integrated into the group and none are left behind.

Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol’s goal is to prepare children for their entry into the school world; paying special attention to the social and emotional development of the child.

Pre-kindergarten is usually the child’s first experience in a school-oriented environment and the few hours per week spent there will be beneficial at many levels. Each child will have the opportunity to express themselves, build relationships with others, increase their creativity and develop his/her self-esteem and autonomy.

The pre-school classrooms are configured as per a primary school kindergarten class. Hence, this provides the ideal transition towards primary school by its stimulating environment, daily activities and skilled and experienced teachers.

Nothing beats a positive experience to entice the need for learning!

Board of Administrators

The management of the pre-kindergarten is performed by a board of administrators. This board is elected by the parents of the children attending it and is solely voluntary. The members are elected each year at the general assembly of parents held at the end of August. The board meets once a month to discuss current affairs, plan the next school events and obtain feedback from the teachers.

Vacancies are announced on the website and in a letter sent to the parents. Each parent wanting to get involved must present him/herself at the general assembly and provide a brief summary of the their skills relevant to the position they are applying for.

The members of the board for 2023-2024 are:

President: Edith Guernon
Vice-president: Joanna Demers
Treasurer: Marc Daigneault
Secretary: Sonia Beauchamp
Additional administrators: Valérie Robert et Stacey Scourse
Teacher: Manon Plouffe